I was visiting with friends in the Sarasota area and all weekend they kept saying, let’s go to Word of Mouth! The last day I was in town, we went out for a killer breakfast there! Can’t believe I waited till the last day – if I would have known, we would have gone there EVERY day!! Amazing, fresh food that has been carefully prepared and served with love. The coffee was even amazing, and I usually don’t go for it unless it’s over-sweetened-Starbucks-style. I loved how everything was local and still the prices were great. The decor was kitschy and cute, and of course our waitress was a blessing. I can’t wait until they either build one around me, or I move closer!

Location: Gateway Drive

J. Smith – Sarasota, FL


The food is always good and the portions are HUGE! Their muffins, scones, and cinnamon buns (GIGANTIC) are baked fresh daily. Great service and excellent food is what keeps this regular coming back for more almost every day.

Location: Cattleman Rd.

M. Haines – Sarasota, FL


Here visiting and found this adorable place! Love the menu and locally bought produce. I wish we had something like this at home!!

Location: Downtown

L. Dey – New Jersey